When and Why You Should Use Sandwich PUF Panel

When and Why You Should Use Sandwich PUF Panel

Are you planning to construct cold storage or a refrigeration system or an insulated hall? Then PUF( Polyurethane Foam) sandwich panel is the one-stop solution and the answer to your search. What is PUF? Polyurethane foam is sandwiched between two outer sheets and is therefore known as PUF Sandwich panels. PUF insulation can be cut […]

Advantages of Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal Roofing Sheet

Viraat Industries is India’s most established and largest privately held roofing company. We are Roofing Sheet Provider in Bangalore, We supply a wide range of products and also hold a good reputation in the market. We are experienced and highly professional roofing sheets manufacturer that work day-in and day-out to provide products of unmatched quality. […]

Why Color Coated Roofing Sheets Are A Practical Yet Creative Choice

Colour coated Metal Roofing Sheet in two differnt colours

They say having a roof over your head is a blessing. Even though it may not always be literal, safe and secure roofs are very vital to any construction. Among the many alternatives that you have, here’s a fun option. Color coated roofing sheets! Why and When should you pick color coated roof sheets What […]

Is C and Z Purlins The Smart Way to Roof?

C and Z Purlins

Why should galvanized steel matter to you? Galvanized steel is a result of steel dipped in a liquid Zinc coating that keeps the material from rusting. This makes the purlins more durable, safe in the worst of rains, and easier maintenance.  Based on the shape, purlins are of two types- C and Z Purlins. The […]

Turbo Ventilator Manufacturers in Bangalore

Turbo Ventilato

What is Sandwich PUF Insulated Panels? A Polyurethane (PU) Foam Panel or Sandwich PUF panel is a thermally insulating panel A turbine ventilator gives a type of normal ventilation, moving air consistently and causing caught, stale air to be replaced with cleaner, cool air from outside. The turbine is a free-turning roof ventilator, which utilizes a mix […]

What are the Types of Roofing Accessories

Roofing Accessories

The below mentioned are different kinds of roofing Accessories: Ridge The ridge of a roof is the peak where two   The below mentioned are different types of roofing Accessories: Ridge The ridge of a roof is the peak where two opposing roof planes meet. Ridge as the “highest point on a roof, represented by […]

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