Viraat Industries Business Gallery

Viraat Industries, the leading manufacturer of high-quality PUF panels, proudly produced on two fully automated continuous production lines. This advanced technology enables us to deliver PUF panels with unparalleled precision and consistency, making us the largest manufacturer of PUF Panel. Our PUF panels, renowned for their superior thermal insulation and structural integrity, cater to various applications, including cold storage facilities, warehouses, clean rooms, and industrial buildings. Additionally, our PUF sheets are widely used for roofing and wall cladding in commercial and residential constructions, offering excellent thermal efficiency and weather resistance. As you explore our gallery, you’ll witness our products, showcasing their versatility, quality, and ability to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal in different construction projects. At Viraat Industries, our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that we meet the highest industry standards, providing reliable and superior performance to meet your specific needs.

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