Metal Roofing Sheet

Viraat Industries is India’s most established and largest privately held roofing company. We are Metal Roofing Sheet Provider in Bangalore, We supply a wide range of products and also hold a good reputation in the market. We are experienced and highly professional metal roofing sheets manufacturer that work day-in and day-out to provide products of unmatched quality. We always strive to “think outside the box”, which enable us to deliver innovative and durable roofing sheets to customers. The quality that we maintain in the market has made us a leading color coated roofing sheets manufacturer in Bangalore, Karnataka and in Tamil Nadu.

Advantages of Metal Roofing Sheets:


An examination by the Metal Development Affiliation (MCA) demonstrated the future of low-slant unpainted 55% Al-Zn compound covered, usually alluded to as Galvalume, steel standing crease metal material (SSR) framework is 60 years. The administration life of a business building is likewise 60 years, as indicated by LEED v4, basically meaning a Galvalume metal rooftop does not require substitution. This advantages both building proprietors and nature by bringing down the interest to create substitution material frameworks.


Notwithstanding long administration life, metal is broadly known as a flexible material and a solid counterpart for extraordinary climate conditions. Upheld by outsider testing, Viraat metal material and divider boards offer flame and wind opposition and avoid air and water spillage. Equipped for withstanding up to 140 mph winds, Viraat metal material boards are solid supporters of sturdy, weather-tight building envelopes.


Made out of 25-35% recyclable materials and essentially 100% recyclable by its finish of life cycle, Viraat metal material boards give vitality productivity all through and past its synthesis. Viraat metal material frameworks are covered with infrared intelligent Cool Rooftop completes a significant part of the sun’s infrared radiation is reflected and keeps the rooftop surface temperature lower than uncoated or conventional roofing materials, offering vitality reserve funds, incorporating huge decreases in central air costs.
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