Colour coated Metal Roofing Sheet in two differnt colours
They say having a roof over your head is a blessing. Even though it may not always be literal, safe and secure roofs are very vital to any construction. Among the many alternatives that you have, here’s a fun option. Color coated roofing sheets!

Why and When should you pick color coated roof sheets

What Color coated roofing sheets offer you is beyond sheer durability and ability to sustain different weather conditions. It adds to the overlook of any construction. And has the ability to make it look pretty top-notch.

These sheets are used for industrial buildings as well as residential buildings. They serve as an alternative to conventional galvanized iron sheets.


Color coated metal sheets are made of aluminum, copper and stainless steel. The colors are mixed using Plastisol and silicon polyester. The standard thickness of roofing sheets ranges between 0.2mm to 0.6mm.

Top Features That Make Color Coated Metal Sheets A Great Choice

Fire Resistant

Safety is the most important aspect in any kind of construction. Most color coated sheets are made-up of aluminum. It is non-combustible and has a Class-A fire rating. This property makes them safe to use for home, garden, warehouse, and factories.


These sheets seem heavy but in reality, they are light-weighted. Most color coated sheets are made of aluminum, which is the lightest available commercial material. But don’t let the weight fool you. Although they are light, the sheets are extremely strong.

Weather Resistant

These sheets are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. Irrespective of the climate condition, color coated sheets will be very beneficial for you.

Easy To Install

Color coated sheets are very easy to install. They are light and are easy to carry to the construction site, where they can be installed later.

Leakage Proof

With these sheets, you do not have to worry about leakage even during the heaviest of rains. They prove to be resistant and agile against harsh weather conditions.


Even though they have Plastisol coating, they are easy to recycle, which makes them Eco-friendly. Recycling them takes up three to five percent of the original energy used to produce color coated sheets. Which also decreases energy consumption to a great extent.

Hope this helped you make a wise decision and help you choose the right roofing for you.

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